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4 weeks ago

Sue Mickelson Swimming

Worth the read for those deciding to continue swimming lessons or not...We sometimes have swimmers stop lessons due to other activities, the children do not want to continue or they find it to hard and get upset etc and we came across this article which we hope helps show the importance of swimming. Swimming isn’t easy it takes time to learn and it’s a life skill! Please don’t stop or leave it till your child starts school swimming we are here to help every step of the way.

1. Safety
The number one reason to engage in swimming lessons is it will save your child’s life. Knowing how to safely swim to the side of the pool and climb out are the most basic skills and are taught to children as young as 6 months old. Despite your best efforts, you cannot avoid water your entire life. Children can drown in bathtubs and kiddie pools just as easily as a backyard pool or lake. You could become distracted and lose track of your child, or an older family member may not have an adequate barrier around their pool that prevents your child from falling in. Give your child the tools of survival when it comes to water- do not keep them away from it hoping they will be alright.

2. Respect For The Water
Swimming lessons gives your child exposure to the power of water, and how easily it can become dangerous. A simple slip off the pool steps and a quick trip underwater will show them how scary it can be, and that they should respect the water. It’s fun to play in, but they also need to have adequate swimming skills to be trusted when it comes to being near a pool.

3. Social Skills
Swim lessons are a great way for children to be social with other swimmers. Most swim classes group children of similar skill level together, and it is sweet to see how encouraging children can be of each other, even at the ages of 2 and 3. Better yet, swim lessons teach kids how to behave with others in the water, and not engage in activities that could cause harm or accidental drowning.

4. Creates A Strong Bond and Builds Trust
If you start young, you will probably be participating with your baby in the pool. While many lessons are a struggle at first, your child soon grows to trust you in the water, which inevitably creates a strong bond. Kids who trust you will listen to your directions about safety and heed warnings if the need arises.

5. Higher Confidence & Better Self-Esteem
Like any person who excels at a sport, a child knowing how to swim brings a higher level of confidence and better self-esteem. You will be surprised how much less fear pervades your trip to the pool or beach when your child is not fearful of the water. You can start swimming lessons at a young age and it’s been recognized that the younger a child is, the more comfort and confidence they will have in the water- even more than children who start at 4 years or older.

6. Become Better Listeners
One of the most important non-swimming skills a child can learn is to listen to their swim teacher. Very soon into their lessons, your child will come to trust their teacher as they guide and protect them in the water.

7. Develop Better Coordination, Flexibility and Strength
In case you didn’t realize, swimming is hard work and requires a lot of coordination. It may seem simple to those who have been doing it for years, but a child learning to both kick their legs and move their arms in a way that results in actual swimming is the result of many hours spent in the pool. Kids who swim develop strength and flexibility in the water as they learn the various types of strokes and techniques of swimming.

8. Excellent Source Of Exercise
There are few better nap times then those that follow a good swim lesson. Swimming allows your kids to use muscles they don’t normally use, especially babies who cannot crawl or walk yet. Knowing how to swim also opens up many more water activities that require adequate water safety, like paddle boarding, surfing and kayaking.

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4 weeks ago

Ann-maree Reise

Hi Sue Mickelson
We are loving our flipper & googles 🥰🥰

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Thank you wonderful families for an amazing swimming term!! Between the new pool location at Geebung and our online parent portal, you have all helped make this a smooth transition.
We hope you have a great break and can’t wait to see you in 2020!! Merry Christmas :)🌟🎄

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Happy Birthday Andy!! You’re an amazing part of our team and we wouldn’t know what to do without you. We hope you had an amazing day, how lucky are we to get to work with the birthday boy today🎉🎉 ...

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